New Post: November 12, 2018

Back to wordpress! I don’t even remember my last visit 😆 . . . Sometimes I don’t understand what my brother is up to, nowadays he changes his decisions very frequently which he doesn’t use to do before. Dad says he should get married, he needs a partner who can help him to make right […]

New Post: October 20, 2018

Writing a post after a long time. I was little busy, my elder brother told me that he’s gonna fix me into a job. I was preparing myself for it since my social skills aren’t good. I thought I’ll be in a job before Durga Puja but some issues appeared related to my personal documents, […]

Learning Japanese Language

It’s been a month or more I’m learning the Japanese language. I always wanted to learn a foreign language. Why Japanese? When I was a kid I used to watch Japanese cartoons and anime shows. Ofcourse they were all dubbed in Hindi or English. Whenever the show ends, when the names of the directors, producers, […]

Learning a Second Language can Slow Down Your Brain Aging

Once I was scrolling at Quora, then I noticed a sentence “Learning a new language can slow down your brain age”. It caught my interest, so start researching. I found out that peoples who are bilingual (peoples who speaks more than one language) are better at tasks that requires multi-tasking and attention focusing than monolinguals […]

Some Facts

Here are some facts which fascinated me:   Fact 1. Crocodile blood can kill HIV and MRSA. If it’s true then it’s great. Fact 2. Brain is more active at night than it is during day. Wow! I never noticed it. Fact 3. Loners tend to be more intelligent and loyal friends. So true, I […]

The Dream that Inspired Me

I never thought that I would get inspiration to write from a dream, hehe. Once I saw a dream. The Dream I was going somewhere in a car with my family. In the middle of the road, the car stopped for some reason. I get off from the car, crossed the road, I was buying […]